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Coefficient software operates in following sectors:- Communication | Finance - Equity & Stocks | Retail | Bio - Medicine | Healthcare

CoEfficient Software Systems Pvt Ltd, was set up in 2013 as a cutting edge technology company specializing in both software consultancy and application developmnent. The company has subsequently developed innovative technologies for clients ranging from unique communications architecture to cutting edge medical devices enabling real-time vital signs monitoring from remote centres for the first time. We are 100% export oriented company since inception.

Our premise is that today’s companies are faced with the need to deliver quality, high-tech solutions at a cost that is reasonable. We understand that meeting these needs often leads to the use of offshore development resources. We also understand that the number of choices for offshore software development can be overwhelming, the risks high, and the situation a little unsettling.

Mumbai, India is now recognized as one of the world’s top centres for software development, in fact most of the world’s blue chip companies are relocating their software development centers here. We leverage on the local latent talent in the Indian IT sector to bring you the best of minds to work on challenging projects.

By providing a single point of access through our partner offices all your queries will be handled by us through our partner channels. All matter relating to contracts and project management will also be dealt by us, leaving you to concentrate on running your business.

As we understand clients data security needs, you can rest assured that your Intellectual Property Rights will be protected. The proliferation of your technology and source codes would also be prevented, as we adhere to the code of practice of the UK and USA.

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