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CoEfficient Software offers Business Process Outsourcing services to enhance the performance effectiveness of customer centric business processes.

Customer Support:
  -Query handling
  -Complaint handling
  -Order booking
  -Information delivery
  -Customer acquisition
  -Lead qualification
  -Cross selling and up selling
  -Customer analytics
  -Product Marketing
Technical Support:
  -Complaint handling
  -Online problem resolution
  -IT helpdesk
Email/Chat Support
  -Query handling
  -Complaint handling
  -Issue resolution

We also provide BackOffice and Data Entry type of works to our customer

Technical support services include:
  -Level 1, 2 and 3 support
  -Help desk
  -Warranty Support
  -Desktop support
  -Application support

E-mail & Chat Support

E-mail and Chat covers technical support, transaction verification, order fulfillment and problem resolution. We help you achieve two key email management goals: improved response time and enhanced quality of response. Our customer service agents are trained to take over email-query-handling. To facilitate this process the agents are trained extensively on your organization's products and services. They are also educated on current and emerging e-mail software - enabling them to leverage the latest email techniques for optimal benefit.

E-mail has now become the basic means of data transmission and customer relationship.. Due to this many companies are outsourcing their non-voice call center needs, including email support services to us.

How can offshore email support services help me in my Business?

  • Having your customer's e-mail queries answered promptly, efficiently and accurately is bound to increase customer satisfaction and overall growth of our business.
  • Offshore email services enable you to balance work between peak and off-peak periods.
  • As a result it makes sense to outsource web-based support systems so that you can maximize focus on core competencies. This in turn enables efficient time utilization.

    Having a professional offshore e-mail based support system ensures lower call volumes and substantially reduces costs for voice support.

How will this setup work?

  • A knowledge base of frequently asked questions and answers will be created in collaboration with our clients' needs and requirements.
  • The knowledge bases are continually updated and improved, based on our agent's interactions with customers.
  • Realizing that there are few quick fix solutions, our agents are thoroughly trained and familiarized with the client's processes, products and services.
  • When an email is received, incoming messages are scanned and routed to the appropriate agent. Our trained and competent agents provider clear, consistent, and complete answers to increase customer satisfaction and reduce follow-ups.

    The use of a database that holds standard responses to frequently asked questions ensures that the agents' have access to quick and standardized responses. The online knowledge base can also be used to provide immediate personalized responses to customer queries.


  • Lower cost of customer management
  • Enhanced customer experience and higher customer satisfaction
  • Lower customer attrition
  • Effective customer management through accessibility best practices in customer experience management

    We will work hand-in-hand with you as a partner to build a strong, successful, long-lasting relationship with your customers. Strategic call center inbound services can make all the difference to your company’s competitive edge.
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