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Global Sourcing

Tomorrow's business is being built today. Business goals focus on the need to establish competitive advantages with which to move forward in the new economy. The ability to correctly position processes for the next economic cycle is vitally important. These efforts include the improvement of existing systems, the addition of complementary IT products, and lowering data center costs through IT outsourcing. Selecting the right technology partner is critical.

Versatility is the Advantage

It's a daunting task to hire a technical firm. It's somewhat of a "leap-of-faith". Are they too technical for me to communicate my business needs? Will they be able to automate, or improve my business processes with technology…AND provide a return on my investment? The CoEfficient Team focuses on understanding your needs BEFORE entering into costly development. Our senior project managers are carefully recruited to ensure that they can communicate at a business level with our customers AND a technical level with our internal technical teams. They quickly establish a level of confidence and trust with our customers, so much so, that customers request certain project managers for subsequent projects! Consequently, the CoEfficient Team partners with you to translate your business and IT needs to reality.

CoEfficient Software is focused on matching IT with the business goal. Our versatility (breadth & depth) gives you a full range of services from a single, proven source. We are experienced systems integrators specializing in Internet Technologies. For companies large and small, our history of solving complex IT issues and delivering premium complementary IT services has made us their technology partner of choice.

Our length and breadth of services include:

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