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Global Sourcing

Android and Apple iOS Application Development


The mobile market is rapidly growing, especially, after the introduction of Android and iOS platforms. It has brought about sea changes to mobile phone usage. We now perceive a mobile phone as more than just a device of communication but a gadget that has satisfied our desire to stay connected and updated all the while.

Today every business must have mobile presence and android platform has offered them the opportunity through their easy to develop framework.

Mobile Apps have changed the way business is done these days. Mobile phone is more like a mandatory necessary gadget instead of just communication device. End users have heavy dependency on mobile phones with its various Apps. There are App's for everything these days and more and more Apps are being built as you read this. Our developers are dedicatedly working in developing scalable mobile apps for both Android and iOS.
Here at Coefficient we have a dedicated team for mobile development. We build native as well as hybrid apps.


Our client base is segmented across following verticals:

  • • Entertainment
  • • Social Networking
  • • Healthcare
  • • Office/Business Utilities
  • • Security
  • • Manufacturing
  • • Pharmaceuticals
  • • Automation

We have expertise in developing:

  • • SMS gateway apps
  • • Payment integration
  • • Native apps for Android/iOS
  • • Hybrid apps
  • • HTML5 apps
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