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Software Practices :: Quality And Testing

In any project development the most probable phase for compromise is testing. The cost of removing errors or more specifically repairing the software goes on increasing with time as shown in the figure below.

At CoEfficient Software, we value quality highly and our constant goal is to always exceed our client’s expectations by achieving excellence in all our work.

We monitor each software project to ensure that our goals of building quality products and services are being strictly adhered to. We regularly carry out internal audits and inspections to instill product quality and process compliance throughout the project life cycle.

We consistently adhere to various improvement activities like, processes for new technology areas, developing and piloting in-house tools, comparative studies on external quality practices and improving the organization metrics.

CoEfficient Software is fully committed to providing a total solution of the highest quality, quickly and at minimum cost to our customers.
Error Chart

Some of our testing methods are:

  White Box Testing White box testing
  Black Box Testing Black box testing
  Functionality Testing Functionality testing
  Boundary Testing Boundary testing
  Regression Testing Regression testing
  Forced Error Testing Forced error testing
  Performance Testing Performance testing
  Security Testing Security testing
  Volume Testing Volume testing
  Release Acceptance Testing Release acceptance testing

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