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Software Practices :: Project Development Methodology

CoEfficient Software has found that whether projects are undertaken by in-house teams or outsourced it is not always easy to foresee the exact requirements from the clients view point. Iterative Project Development (IPD) methodology is a fitting solution to such projects where the needs of the client are dynamic as well as optimum level of productivity is desirable.

The core of this model is customer satisfaction and fast delivery. The methodology is based upon iterative method of project management and time bound delivery schedules. This methodology is build around team w ork in which all the involved parties are working towards a common goal of delivering quality software in the minimum possible time and costs to the client.

We have found that IPD has four major advantages:-

Communication : Open communication channel between the client and the software development team as well as among the team members.
Simplicity : Simple and clean software design with the added scope of introducing any new developments or client specifications at any stage of the development.

Quality Testing And Feedback : At the end of each iteration, the client gets the update from the developers and reviews the product critically. The feedback from the client becomes the major building block for the next iteration of software development and delivery. Hence The client is always in full control of their projects.

Adaptability And Scalability : The process flows in iterative loops and therefore their adaptation of changing requirement and technology is always possible.

CoEfficient Software is basing most of the new projects on this development model. We also have incorporated a modified version which is defined as the "ancillary business model" . The key of this model is the creation of an incubator for the clients project on a long term basis.

The ancillary business model intends to streamline the project development process in such a way that the best practices, taking full account of the remote location of the team, are applied right from the start of the project.

The complete process of software development is divided into multiple iteration of planning, development, delivery, review, feedback and planning for the next iteration. A core fundamental element of this model is the development of automated tests. These tests are used to ensure the integrity of the complete system as incremental changes are put in place.

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